2019 Accomplishments

Kings Cove HOA
2019 Accomplishments


  • Our welcoming committee welcomed 6 new families to the neighborhood
  • We had 6 new non-residents join the Kings Cove HOA
  • We had a great turnout for all the social events we hosted including:
    • Easter Egg Hunt
    • Fishing Tournament
    • End of School Ice Cream
    • 4th of July party
    • Dog Swim
    • Halloween Pizza
    • Ladies Nights
    • Guys Nights
  • Installed new bathroom heaters in the pool bathrooms to prevent pipe-freezes
  • Replaced worn-out roof, vents, soffits on pool pump house
  • Repaired the diving board support plate
  • Added pool racing flags
  • Rebuilt pool lifeguard stand
  • Replaced the old refrigerator in the pool house 
  • Received new pool grill as a donation
  • Extended the pool opening and closings dates
  • Hosted a Kings Cove Swim Team swim meet 
  • Hosted 10 total seasons of ALTA (Men's, Women's, Mixed) comprised of primarily KCHOA members
  • Replaced tennis court trash cans
  • Replaced missing tennis scoreboard markers
  • Conducted a tennis survey and used feedback to update tennis and reservation process
  • Repaired tennis court lights after storm
  • Repaired tennis court lock after vandalism
  • Added electrical outlets to both tennis viewing stands
  • Added built-in table to new viewing stand
  • Treated the large and small lakes with algae treatments to minimize algae growth
  • Continued making improvements to the walking trails
  • Replaced the broken crank on the basketball net
  • Addressed the swampy area and bad drainage behind the tennis courts
  • Replaced some of the broken pool furniture
  • Updated the Kings Cove website